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PiperSport LSA  


 Image Air is pleased to announce that we now offer Light Sport Flight Training.  A Light Sport Pilot Certificate is the quickest way for you to earn your wings.  The Light Sport Certificate requires only half the flight training needed to earn a Private Pilot Certificate and in most cases you wonít need a medical exam.  At Image Air, all of our Instructors hold a Standard Certified Flight Instructor Rating so the hours you spend getting a Sport Certificate also count toward the Private Pilot Certificate if that is your goal.

We have a brand new PiperSport airplane that is equipped with the latest avionics and safety features.  These features include:

Ballistic Recovery Systems Parachute-

This is the safety net of the PiperSport. Just like a regular parachute is designed to ensure a safe landing for a person, this 40-pound ballistic parachute is designed to stabilize and slow the decent of the entire airplane and allow the occupants to recover from an emergency situation. The pilot needs only to pull a lever located on the panel and the parachute is deployed. This system has been standard equipment on other aircraft for sometime and as of April 2011, this parachute has saved 261 lives worldwide.

Dynon D100 Flight Display / Dynon D120 Engine Monitoring

This glass panel system uses a multi-processor design for a faster and more efficient operating system, which allows for faster results. It displays the correct altitude in seconds, again giving you the right information to make the correct decisions in flight. It comes with Angle-of-Attack capabilities, which will assist you on approaches and alert you well in advance if the plane is at risk of stalling. The Li-Ion Backup Battery protects against power failure by automatically notifying you if the system loses power and switching directly to battery power, giving the pilot at least 90 minutes to safely land the plane.  The Dynon D120 Engine Monitoring Systems utilizes a full color display which quickly alerts the pilot of any engine or system malfunctions.

Dynon AP74/HS34 Autopilot

The PiperSport is equipped with an autopilot that until now was only available in much larger,  high performance aircraft.  The AP74/HS34 includes altitude pre-select and hold as well as a feature that will level the wings and perform a 180 degree turn in case the pilot inadvertently enters weather conditions that are less than those required for visual flight.

Ameriking ELT
The PiperSport comes with the Ameriking ELT, or Emergency Locator Transmitter. It will allow you to send a voice transmission in an emergency situation. The Ameriking ELT comes with a remote control panel with an independent battery, so even if there is a power failure you will still be able to transmit a distress call.

An Experienced Instructor
Without a doubt, the most important safety measure you can take when learning to fly is to choose a well-trained qualified flight instructor. Our Instructors understand the intricacies of aeronautics and effectively communicate with you in order to facilitate your learning.  Your Image Air Flight Instructor will partner with you in order to help you achieve your dream of becoming a pilot.

Roomy Comfortable Cabin

Leather seats, vinyl trim, side panels, and wall-to-wall carpeting make this one of the most comfortable training aircraft available. 

What are you waiting for?

If you are interested in receiving more information about Image Airís Light Sport Training Program please give us a call at (309) 663-2303 or send an e-mail to  Introductory flights are available for $95.00 allowing you to fly our PiperSport from the left seat with one of our instructors. 

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Our sales people know the market and will work with you to provide the best solution to your flying needs.  For more information you can email Ken Rittenhouse, Sales Manager at, or Chad Jensen at cjensen (at) imageair (dot) com.  You can also call  locally at 309-663-2303 or outside Bloomington at 800-232-4360.

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