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CFO/Director of Operations

Ken Rittenhouse, Sr.


Carolyn Rittenhouse

General Manager

Dale Kruse

Human Resources

Debbie Hindrichs

Ramp Manager

Craig Colwell

Chief Pilot

Ken Rittenhouse

Aircraft Sales Manager

Daniel Rittenhouse



Dale Kruse

Debbie Hindrichs             

Director Of Maintenance

Patrick Beaty


Debbie Hindrichs


Assistant Line Manager


Charter Coordinators

Dale Kruse

Rich Anderson

Chief Flight Instructor



CSR Supervisor

Libby Nussbaum


Chief Inspectors

Mark Piercy-Jets

Dan Feeney-Turbine/Recip

Parts Manager

Harold Green


Dave Schmillen


Line Technicians

Bill Peterson

Travis Still

Dan Amolsch

Bob Hudak

Daniel Rittenhouse

Matt Anderson

Zack Craig

Jack Morris

Jeff Jensen


Line Pilots

Andy Dustman

Mike Vangilder

John Bell

Eric Maffei

Flight Instructors

Lee Moulic

Jim Cunnigham

Eric Maffei

Todd Weir

Joe Plazak


Customer Service Reps

Bob Hudak

Susan Carnahan

Stacy Potter

Jack Morris


Tim Lawson






Shop Foreman

Dan Feeney



Doug Mays


A&P Mechanics

Ray Ortega

John Barnes



Atticus Tournear


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